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We ALWAYS treat the client with respect!
We will never talk down to you!
We will look out for YOUR interests!

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On Site

We come to your home or office and professionally help you with what ever computer or Networking assistance you need!

In Shop

For those long jobs we have a fully equipped tech area where we can diagnose your issue with out the constraint or an hourly rate.

Remote Service

You would not believe what can be done remotely! From virus Removal to basic maintenance.


We can fit to your schedule by doing remote maintenance and service contracts to save time and money!

Call us at 702.448.7551!

Team Members

Happy Clients

Cups of Coffee

For ALL military, CCSD, Fire, and police we offer $20.00 off EVERY call! (Labor Only)

We WILL match any labor cost from a FULLY LICENSED Business.

Call us at 702.448.7551!

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Unfortunately I do not have an office right now.
I am working on a few places. However, when I get a new shop it will be a lot better that my old garage!
give me a call and we can arrange an onsite call for you!

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