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We give you back
the power of your computer!

Who we are.

With me at the helm, driving this ship.
I have my wife, Becca do the things I don't like... paperwork.
Robert, he is learning the ropes and doing great at it.
This is our TEAM!


The Head Tech


In memory of… 🙁


Jr. Tech, Game support, Gaming Pc’s and consoles.

No One

Yet! 🙂


It was 1983 where I met my first computer. I found my calling. In 1989 I took my first call as a computer professional on the U.S.S. Hunley in the Navy. After learning from the best DP crew in the navy.I grew up learning my trouble shooting skills. Working for Quarterdeck, Xerox, Epson I learned honed my skills, and with Data Doctors, My Mobile Techs, and Friendly Computers, I trained may other techs.


My Mom taught me early in my computer career, respect everyone, and don't to talk down to people. They are not a computer expert, but They know more about other subjects, and take that as a learning opportunity.

I not will confuse you with GEEK-NESE! I will talk with you explain everything in ENGLISH!


There is not nor ever will be a one size fits all when it comes to computers and computer service!
I make every call or service to when you need. Not what others need!


I will always to my best to ensure that ALL of your computer needs are taken care of correctly. If not I WILL ensure that they are! If I don't know something , I WILL get an answer for you. I have been in this field for MANY years, but I will never claim that I know everything!

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