March 2020 Newsletter

Wow! I still can’t believe it’s 2020 already! And to the Chinese curse which says, “May we live in interesting times.” To heck with you! In this edition of the Error Out newsletter we are going to talk about helping contain these interesting times to keep you and your family safe and busy when the world hunkers down to prevent this from going crazy.

Also Error Out Computers WILL remain open to support everyone who need to work from home with computer issues and networking! If you’re working from home and need help mention this and you will get $10.00 off your call!

Here is what we will be talking about in this newsletter:

  1. Coronavirus – Let’s try to keep it clean
  2. Try to keep the kids out of our hair
  3. Windows 7 End of Life
  4. Maintenance!

Coronavirus – Let’s try to keep it clean

In case you didn’t know, the average keyboard has more bacteria than an average toilet seat. Eeewwww! Considering the amount of time you spend on your computer are you surprised? All the time you have eaten at your desk, sneezed, or let the kids play with the computer. Yeah, no doubt it’s kinda nasty. So now that you are looking at your keyboard and mouse with disgust, here is a few ways to clean up your act.

  • Clean up our work space. Wipe it down with bleach wipes or something like that (If there is any left)
  • Shake out our keyboard
  • Wipe down your keyboard and mouse with those wipes also.
  • Also wipe down your cell phone too. It’s just as nasty!
  • And wash your darn hands! As I told my son. No less than 20 seconds. Try singing Happy Birthday twice.

But all in all I guess we are being told to avoid people, don’t touch anyone or anything.

Try to keep the kids out of our hair

Well since there is no school until no sooner than April 13 (4 weeks from now!) We are gonna need to keep them occupied with something. I got my son Michael to compile a list of games and learning sites. So here is Michael’s list to help your younglings busy:

For play

  • com
  • com
  • com (make an account and download the roblox game thing to play)
  • Unblocked games sites

For Learning

  • Brain pop
  • brainpop jr
  • com
  • Khan academy
  • Poptropica
  • Achieve3000 ( to make an account for your kid do the following; Achieve 3000 Parent Account Sign Up On your Internet browser, go to

Windows 7’s End of Life

If you did realize it, but Windows 7 was released Oct 22 2009! I know, it was a decently stable version of windows and familiar to use. But it’s been over 10 years and they can’t support it forever. I have heard since windows 8 and now 10, that they don’t want to change to a different version of Windows. I know change is scary, but not as scary as some of the security patches you are missing out on by running a version of Windows that Microsoft will no longer support.

But I got good news! I can still do the FREE upgrade to Windows 10 from windows 7 and 8. As long as your hardware is up to the task and can be upgraded or suggest ways to make it more compatible.

To help you get caught up to the latest version of windows I am giving a discount on the upgrade labor. Most of the time the upgrade can be done within an hour to 2. (Hardware dependent) So Instead of my normal hourly rate of $80/hr, I will knock off $10/hr! Now there will be some suggested upgrades to ensure that your older pc can run Windows 10 decently, like upgrading to an SSD and/or more memory. Give us a call to setup an appointment to ensure that you are protected.

It’s time for some maintenance!

When was the last time I was at your home or office? If you can’t remember, then it’s about that time for your computer to have some maintenance done in it. A clean computer is a happy computer! I can also head off problems before they can get really bad! Just like you need to maintain you car, you need to maintain your computer.

So, with that thought in mind I am offering an hour of maintenance for $60.00! This will include blowing out the dust, and as we all know it can get rather dust here in Las Vegas!

Give us a call to set up a time for me to come b and give your computer a once over at 702-448-7551

Now for something completely different! Some fun websites! – is a social networking news and entertainment website where users can submit content and vote submissions up and down (if you didn’t already know that). The website is a community made of hundreds of thousands of forums called “subreddits.” There are subreddits for nearly every interest. After all, this website calls itself, “The front page of the Internet.”

100,000 Stars – Open your Chrome browser and take an interactive, 3D tour of our galactic neighborhood. Land on any planet, moon or star and learn about them through this in-browser visualization.

High Definition Earth-Viewing System – HDEV is an experiment by the astronauts aboard the International Space Station. Several mounted, commercial HD video cameras are aimed at the earth and stream 24/7.

Laughing Squid – Laughing Squid should be a favorite blog to check out just for all the wacky, inspiring and unbelievable stuff you can find there.

Well that all folks! I hope ya’ll stay safe!

And as always when you need computer help, all you have to do is call and I’ll be there!

Be Well!


Newsletter November 2018

Greetings Error Out Family!

First off I hope everyone had a great turkey day! I know I did! Some Error Out news: We will be moving, Don’t worry, I am staying in Vegas, just finding a different place to live and that means I will have to give up my garage/office. When I know where I am moving to I will send out a note. So that’s all the Error Out news for now.

So in this newsletter I am going to answer topic requests from the Error Out family.

  1. What to do before calling Joe
  2. Windows keyboard shortcuts and other neat stuff
  3. How to backup your Phone

What to do before you call for Joe?

  1. Make sure you restart EVERYTHING!!! Computer(s), modem, router, printer or whatever is causing you to pick up the phone and scream HELP!
  2. Try to reproduce the problem?
  3. Run a virus scan.
  4. Write down exactly what is going on, in your own words.
  5. List out any issue(s) you may be having.

Or just call me, but these are some things you can do to try to fix it on your own. But you are always welcome to call and ask me questions.

Windows keyboard shortcuts

When I am working on someone’s computer they seem amazed on how quick I move around. One of my secrets is using keyboard shortcuts to get things done quicker than using the mouse. I wrote a quick article on it on my site at .

But that is a short list. Here is a nearly complete longer one: granted some of them are for windows 10, some of the newer ones will work with 7 or 8.

So I challenge everyone to find one or two that they think may be useful for them, and try them out. See if it makes a difference for you.

How to backup your smartphone

So let’s say the worst thing happens. You lose or kill your cell phone, (I know, scary thought!) and you have now lost all those pictures of the grandkids, random selfies, and all those pictures of food are now gone as well! How about your contacts? What was the last phone number you memorized? Don’t you hate losing contacts? Well now is the time to learn to backup your smart phone. I am going to bring up the 3 biggest companies that I can think of, Apple, Samsung, and LG. All 3 have software that will do it for you. All three have the ability to backup to the cloud, but I am going to be talking about backing it up on your local computer. Let’s just dive right in!


First off you NEED to get the itunes software. You can get it here: . Install it.

Now you have to enable iTunes to backup your phone.

If you don’t want to store your device backups in iCloud, you can store them locally on your computer instead.

  1. Connect your device to your computer.
  2. Open iTunes.
  3. Click on the Device icon next to the category dropdown menu on the left side of the iTunes window.
  4. Select Summary from the sidebar.
  5. Select This computer under Automatically Back up.
  6. Tick the box for Encrypt [device] backup to ensure that your passwords, health, and HomeKit data is backed up. You’ll have to create a password to protect your encrypted backups. The password will be automatically stored in Keychain.
  7. Click Done when you are finished.

Now to start the actual backup.

  1. Connect your device to your computer.
  2. Open iTunes.
  3. Click on the Device icon next to the category dropdown menu on the left side of the iTunes window.
  4. Select Summary from the sidebar.
  5. Select Back Up Now under Manually Back Up and Restore.
  6. Click Done when you are finished.

(taken from


They use a program called “Smart Switch” it is also compatible with other bands also. (to see the list, go here. To get the Smart Swich program yo can download it from and select Windows and install it.

How to back up your phone data with Samsung Smart Switch

Once you’ve launched the Smart Switch application and have your phone connected, backing up your data is as easy as pie.

  1. Launch the Smart Switch app on your computer.
  2. Click Backup.
  3. You’ll be required to allow access permissions on your phone.
  4. Pick up your phone.
  5. Tap Allow. If you have a micro SD card in your phone, you will have the option to back that data up as well.

Once the backup is complete, you get a breakdown of all the data that was successfully backed up. Click OK to finish.

In fact as I am typing this I am backing up my phone. I back mine up at least every 6 months, or when it is starting to act weird. Because like most phones it should be reset to factory and his way you will not lose any data.

(Taken from


They use a program called “Bridge” you can download it from here.

Download it and install.

  1. Select backup
  2. Ensure everything is selected
  3. I would select everything here also. [Then START]
  4. And when it says it’s done. It is!

Nice and easy!

(Taken from

Now if you have to you can restore your phone and not lose anything!

Some cool or different websites to check out: – You start with Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. The goal is to create as many different materials or objects as possible. – Mental Floss is a cool website which tells you the hidden stories behind the popular happenings around the world. – The website contains original satirical comic strips relating to romance, math, and language. – He must have a lot of free time on his hands if he replies to every classified ad posted on Craigslist. (Joe’s Note: I read a few of these, I kind of feel sorry for his victims…. Kind of.)

…And now for the sales!!!!


  1. From Now until December 30th ALL on-site call are $70/hr!!!!! You MUST mention the newsletter to get it!
  1. Webroot SALE!!!! 1 user will be $20.00 (Normally $35.00) 3 User for $45.00 (Normally $60.00) One per household, and must mention the newsletter. Expires December 30th

Well that’s all for this newsletter. I hope you enjoyed and learned something new! As always, I am here to answer your questions! Have a Merry Xmas and Happy Hanukkah, or whatever holiday you celebrate!

Be safe!


Newsletter August 2018


Greetings! Shalom! Hola! Hi!


Welcome to the new Error Out Newsletter! What’s going on here? Well summer is FINALLY coming to an end; I wish the heat would! Mike is getting ready for school. You may remember that when I started that other computer repair company Mike was only 3 months old? Well, now he is in the 5th grade! Time flies! But we are getting better, one day at a time!


I got some good stuff for you in this newsletter!

  1. How to backup Windows
  2. Cleaning up cookies and garbage
  3. My favorite site to look up game ratings for kids.

So let’s get to it!

How to backup your windows install

       Computer manufacturers (Except Error Out!) have not included a restore cd/dvd with any new PC in many years. It is to save them money, and to ensure that you spend more money when you have to reload Windows due to a hard drive crash or severe virus attack. So, how do you get a copy of Windows without having to pay Microsoft or a tech more money? Just follow the instructions below. NOTE: This is NOT going to back up your personal data. (That is a different lesson.)


        First you will need a 32g thumb drive. Note: you should get a USB 3 version, because it will read and write faster, it’s worth the few extra bucks! If you need one ask, I can get them at a decent price.

  1. From the taskbar, search for Create a recovery drive and then select it. You might be asked to enter an admin password or confirm your choice.
  2. When the tool opens, make sure Back up system files to the recovery drive is selected and then select Next.
  3. Connect a USB drive to your PC, select it, and then select Next > Create. A lot of files need to be copied to the recovery drive, so this might take a while.
  4. When it’s done, you might see a Delete the recovery partition from your PC link on the final screen. DO NOT DELETE it! Just select Finish.

All done! Now put it away somewhere safe!


How to clean up cookies and other garbage files

          As a general rule you want to clean up your system at least every other month. There is a tool that I use that make the job a lot easier. It is called CCLEANER. If I have worked on your system, I may have already left a copy on your computer. However, I am going to suggest that you install the latest version. You can get it from [HERE]. After the install, go ahead and let it startup.

  1. Ensure it is selected to cleaner on the top right.
  2. Then click on RUN CLEANER.
  3. Let it go. If it complains about browsers, or explorer needing to be closed, let it close them.
  4. When it is done it will say so. And then you can close the program. I suggest this be done about once a month, or at least twice a year at the minimum!
CCleaner Screen

CCleaner Screen


Looking up game rating and reviews for your kids

          My son is always asking if he can play this game or that game. As a parent I have better things to do than keep up with all the new games. I used to rely on his older brothers, but they are working and living their own lives and no longer keep up with all the new games either. So I found the site, Common Sense Media . I like it because it has professional reviews, as well as reviews from parents and kids.


          Here is the example of Minecraft. Who has a kid who hasn’t played this game yet? As you can see on the top right it shows what parents and kids think of the age level for the game. They give you a lot of information which allows you, as the parent, to make a more informed decision. They also have other quick info about the game:


When he was younger my oldest step son talked his grandmother into buying him “True Crime: Streets of L.A.” It is basically a more violent version of Grand Theft Auto. James was around 11 at the time. Here is the rating of newer version of that game:


This game was bought for an 11 year old. Now, I am very aware of this game, but it was before I met Becca so I wasn’t there to help.  Becca and her ex-husband had no clue about the game until she saw James beating up an old lady in the street. If they, or James’ grandmother had known about this site at that time they could have read about it and then made a better INFORMED decision before letting their son play it.


So go to and check out what games your kids play so YOU can make an informed decision!



Here are some interesting and odd websites:

  1. The Wayback Machine – Visit older versions of websites. Like the old version of yahoo before it became the mess it is today.


  1. Well this website is not pointless.


  1. Randomly visit the world google street view


You just finished a book, and you don’t want to read next. Try this.


Well that’s all for now!


Oh wait! I forgot the discounts!!!!

How about $10.00 off any onsite or inshop service! Yep $10.00 off service. Just tell me you read the newsletter and BAM! 10 bux off! That easy!

Ok, now that’s all for this newsletter. As always, if you need help, I am here!

Be safe!


Newsletter June 2017

Well hello! Hope everyone is planning to have a fun summer! Now that school is almost out time for trying to stay out of the crazy Vegas heat. More importantly what am I going to be doing with the kids? Well… We will talk about that in a few. What is happening at Error Out? Well since it’s summer, and my step-son Robert will be mobile I will be offering to send him to on-sites for things he can do. If you want Robert to help you, you will get a $20.00 off per hour on the call. Let’s make the boy earn money for his car!

First topic I want to cover is one I have talked about in the past but I feel it’s important. Keeping the kids safe on the internet.

When I talk to parents about it, I hear that their kid knows more than them. Most of that time that is true, but doesn’t mean you can’t keep them safe. Like with my own kids, They have rules. Here are a few of MY household rules:

  • They DO NOT own the computer! The reason for that, my step-son’s father has a rule if it is theirs you can not take it away or ground them from it. So, here is how I handle that. The computer is not theirs. It is MINE!
  • They are not allowed to have admin rights to the computer. This is manily for security, so they can not install programs without your permission. My oldest step-son and my youngest did not have admin rights to their computer. Robert has admin right because he knows enough on what to install, and how to fix it.
  • Randomly check the history. Now this one can be a fun learning lesson on where your kid goes. Once the oldest saw me coming and cleared all history. Welp, how I see it is it shows guilt and he got the computer taken away.
  • They are not allowed to have the computer in the bedroom. Have it in a public place where you as the parent can see what they do. My oldest had a laptop, but was not allowed to have it in the bedroom until he was 18.
  • Have parental controls on the computer! This will help you keep them from going to where you don’t want them to go. ALL my boys had this on their system at one point or another, the free one I use barks like a dog when they try to go somewhere that is not allowed. That will also tell you to check where they are trying to go.

Now these are some of MY rules. You can use what you like, but I feel this is a good base especially for the younger ones. If you want help securing your computer for the kids, I am running a special on it. It will be towards the end of the newsletter!

Cutting the cord part 2

Back to the continuing saga of cord cutting….

Where we last left off, I was thinking about cutting the cord to my cable tv. Well we did, so this is where I am at with it.

For broadcast TV. I have tried to go cheap and get some cheap antennas for it. Well, needless to say, they sucked! On the TV in my bedroom, all I get is channel 13, in the living room I get 13 and 5. I am in the market for a nice one, I haven’t made a decision on which one I am going to get, but once I do I will review it here.

Now for the streaming project. I bought myself a tiny computer called a raspberry pi 3, and put a few different operating systems on it. While I get streams from not your standard places, Pay TV stations, Netflix, hulu, and the big ones I could not get stable, or not at all! Also the user interface was not very user friendly. So, now I am working on a different solution. This one I will be building basically a tiny windows based pc that will be able to do everything. The down side is that the price tag at this moment, unless I can find parts cheaper will be like buying a cheap pc from Walmart. However, what I plan on putting on it, and how you interact with it be very familiar to the client, and it will like surfing the internet on a big screen. I have been doing something similar for years but on a bigger scale that what I want to sell. So Hopefully I will have a product for you by the next newsletter.

Now for a new segment of the newsletter….

Interesting websites: – Paste a webpage that is not printing the right way. Try this! – Free ebooks! Yes! Free books! – The Weirder side of Amazon. Great for gag gifts! – Can’t see to find your cellphone? Put your phone # in and it will call you!

Here is what you been wanting!


Install parental control software, and setup a child profile, and training on how to use the software – $60.00 (1 hr of service) PLUS A FREE 16G THUMB DRIVE!!! (While supplies last)


Reefer a new client you get double the bounty instead of $10 per new client it is now $20 credit on your next service call! You can use more then one per call. Get me 4 new people, and that is $80.00 credit!!! Basically a free hour of service!!!

That is all for this newsletter!

As usual, I am here for you! Just a phone call away!

Be safe!


Newsletter March 2017

Welcome everyone to what I am hoping to be a happy new year!!!!

The first thing that I want to talk about is that we had a major loss in the Error Out family. My wife, Becca, Passed away from cardiovascular hypertension brought on by a grand mal seizure on October 31, 2016. It was a shock to everyone. I am finally getting able to get going again. She was not only my wife and mother of our kids, but also my business partner. So I have been getting help from friends, and family. But life has to move forward with out without you.
…and so does this newsletter.

Cutting the cable Part 1

If you have never heard of this phrase, it means, No longer getting your TV channels from cable, centurylink, or satellite, and getting your entertainment from other sources on the internet.
I have been toying with it for years, but now I have seen my latest cox bill and I am paying over $180 for 150Mbps internet I am paying $79.00, and for premier tv and 2 boxes, that are OLD, the last software update was in 2011. And I pay $8.50 a month to rent these boxes, because the cable industry will not allow you to bring your own box. I also got a notice that my bill will be going up soon. So I think it’s high time to look in to cutting the cable.
But I had some questions:
1. How will I be able to watch my favorite local network channels, like NBC, ABC, FOX, etc.
2. What about HBO, Cinemax, and the other cable stations that I enjoy?
3. How much will these extra services cost me?
I am going do quick answers to these questions. Once I cut the cord, I will give you my exact findings.

1. How will I be able to watch my favorite local network channels, like NBC, ABC, FOX, etc.

– The only way that I know of so far is to get an HD antenna. I found this one at amazon:
2. What about HBO, Cinemax, and the other cable stations that I enjoy?
– Most cable stations have streaming from either their website, or an app for a streaming box like roku, fire stick, appletv, etc. some of the big ones you will have to pay for. HBO is one of the most expensive at $14.99/mo. On the converse, USA network is free.
3. How much will these extra services cost me?
– There are many different types of streaming services, from all around type like Netflix, and amazon (both also have award winning original content also), then you have hulu which has movies, but their main focus is TV programing. And then you have focused ones, like USA network, HBO, cinemax, starz etc. Consumer Reports has a nice list of streaming service list here: .
This is the first part. The next newsletter I will report what I have done, and how it is working out for my family. I may even have a streaming box solution that Error Out will be selling.
Stay tuned!

When your wireless does not reach

Wireless has gotten a lot better over the years. With the first standard you were lucky if you can get 50 feet away from the access point. With the newer standards it can over 200 ft and still maintain a decent speed. But when there are wall and other electronics in the way, that 200+ feet drops drastically!
Why can’t I get all of my 200+ feet range on my wireless?
Unfortunately, there are walls, and electronic current and objects in the way. I had a client years ago, that lost wireless right past the kitchen, but it use to work. After using a wireless tool I have the brand new stainless steel refrigerator was to blame.
There are a few ways to extend your wireless network. The one I use is called Powerline. The quick way to describe powerline network extensions is that it sends the network signal over the copper powerlines throughout your home. These are great for multilevel home or the long ranch style homes. The only limitation with that is you need to be on the same circuit for it to connect. I have only seen a small handful where it would not connect. And all of them were when an extension was added to the home. But I have also done it where the home extension worked, it all depends on how to electrician did his/her work.
Here is a graphic example on how powerline works.

how powerline works

powerline diagram

For the most part the install of powerline is straight forward. However, you get the rare ones when it is well let’s say more difficult…
So if you are having issues getting wireless throughout your home give us a call and we can make a plan to ensure that your whole home has internet access!

Now for the specials!

$30.00 off Labor for powerline evaluation and install. (Hardware not included.)
$20.00 off Onsite service call (1 hr minimum)
Please state your special at the time of booking the call.

Now for the winner of a 128g thumb drive from the centennial Hills expo!
Mr. T. Holmes!
I will be sending you am email to advise that you won!

Well that is all for this newsletter!

Ya’ll be safe!

Joe & the entire Error Out Family

Newsletter September/October 2016


First off, FINALLY it’s starting to cool down! Now I can get back in my office and be comfortable! I have even had to refurbish a few computers! More about that later!

The BIG news!

Yahoo’s data breach

If you haven’t heard, Yahoo has publicly on 9-23-16 reported that they had a data breach that took their WHOLE USER DATABASE! Passwords and all! This happened 2 YEARS AGO! Yes they are now reporting a far reaching data breach 2 years later. They are suggesting that if you used the same password somewhere else change it now, not 2 years ago! This is not good! They completely dropped the ball on this! Now that your info is out there how do you get it back? Short answer, you don’t! Your best defense against having your passwords compromised, is to change them often. I suggest at least every 6 months. Now like me, I have a hard time remembering what password was what site. I have been using LastPass’s chrome extension to manage my passwords. This way you don’t have to remember many passwords, just one. But it would best to make it a GOOD ONE!
Now for some password hints.
1. It is not really the quality of the password, it’s the quantity. The longer the password, the hard it will be to try to break. (Example ThisIsOk1 (9 characters) but T.h.i.s.I.s.B.e.t.t.e.r1 (24 characters)
2. Replace number for a letter. (Example: Th1sMayB3G00D, notice I replaced the e with a 3, I with a 1 and o with a 0(zero). Once again quantity! The more the better!
3. Change then every 6 months.
4. Don’t use them for other sites. One example I use is: Like for you can use A.m.a.z.o.n.******(separate each letter with a period and end it with so many other character. But you use the same at the end for every site. Like let’s use yahoo: Y.a.h.o.o.****** So I used 6 ‘*’ at the end of both. If you keep the same type of pattern it’s easy to remember, and easy to remember how to change.

Windows 10 tip:
What the heck is Cortana, and what is she doing in my windows 10?

She is a personal assistant for Windows 10, like siri is for iPhones. She originally came from the Microsoft xbox game Halo. If you have a microphone on your computer you can summon her by saying, “Hey, Cortana”. The downside she is not nearly as fun to play with as siri, or even Samsung’s S voice. However, she can help search your computer for a program like “Hey Cortana, Start Excel” It will launch Excel for you. It will also help you search for your files, but you must sign in with your Microsoft account, if you have not done so already.

Your dirty little computer
It’s not only a good idea to clean up your temp files and programs, etc. But you also need to clean the inside. More than once I had to tell someone that their computer died because of dust and dirt. Dust will clog the fans and will not let the computer cool off, basically they will get heat stroke. This should be done, especially here in Vegas, every 6 months!

So the special until Oct 31 will be!

In and out cleaning!

We will clean out the dust of your computer, and then reconnect it. Then clean up windows! (1 Hour)

For $60.00!!!
Expires 10-31-16

So last thing, I have been refurbishing computers lately. I have 2 laptop and 2 desktop and one ALL-in-ONE that are almost ready. I will post them on the website at

Well that’s all I have for now! Hope everyone is well!

Be safe!


Newsletter July / August

Greetings everyone!

It’s time for another, Joe finally got around to it, newsletter!

Well first off some news from Error Out. On 8-4-16 will be Error Out’s 1st anniversary when Error Out Computer became an official business! It seems like the 4th time will be the charm. I am doing better than the first 3 times trying to run a computer business combined! I count a good portion of that to all of you! I don’t think I would have made it without your concern, advice, and support.

For that I must say THANK YOU!

In thanks, all repeat clients the normal on-site rates will be that from when I started at $70.00/hr for the whole month of August!

Oh before I forget, Robert, my Step-son, got his driver’s license. So if I am busy and you need a tech out ASAP, I may ask if you mind if I can send him. I know his abilities, I will not send him if it’s something he cannot handle, he may by only 16, but he has the customer service of someone in their mid 20’s (if not better). If you do not want Robert to help, feel free to say so!

Now for the new and information that is useful!

Windows 10

I know, I know. You’re probably sick of hearing about it. Well it’s crunch time. Windows 10 will now longer be a FREE upgrade after July 29th! If you are running Windows 7, 8.0, or 8.1, you should upgrade, even if you don’t like it, you have 30 days to go back to the version of Windows you had. Microsoft has not released any information (That I can find) on how much it will cost after July 29th. So might as well get it for free!  YOU ONLY HAVE 10 DAYS LEFT!!!

I still have my Windows 10 Up and Down special, where I’ll upgrade you to 10 and then downgrade you system back (if you like) for $80.00 in-shop, or 60/hr On-site.

See more details about the special HERE.

Scam Webpages & Phone scams

If you are surfing along minding your own business, and all of a sudden a webpage pops you beeping like a banshee, saying you have a computer problem, call this number and don’t turn off your computer. IT’S BOGUS!!!! It’s a scam to get in your computer and try to get you to open up your wallet and give them money! DON’T DO IT!!!! I’ve seen them lockdown a few computer where to only thing I can do is reload windows. IF you do get one of these close your Web browser and carry on. If you don’t know how, you CAN INDEED restart your computer without worry. Or you can call us and I can either walk you through it, Remote it to help, or come on-site to assist you. If you do it yourself also from your virus scanner and Malwarebytes (which can be found HERE).

Or if you get a telephone call from someone, usually with a Middle Eastern accent, saying that they are from Microsoft, Google, or another company. HANG UP.

An example from a client recently: He was having issues with his outlook mail. He looked up outlook support and one of the first ones he called was an ad, and they remoted in to his system and started playing around with the settings. But luckily for him he called me and I told him to disconnect the line. By that time, they already installed some crap programs, and were DEMANDING money or they would lockdown his laptop which I just sold him. He got lucky, but others that I have helped didn’t get away so easy.

So in a nutshell if you smell something funny call us at 702-448-7551!

Please help us!!!

I have been seeing some activity from, but I only have 2 reviews, and as you know with yelp, reviews is what people look for. So if I may BEG for anyone to write a review! I am not allowed to offer anything for these reviews, but we would be grateful for any ones we get!

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That’s all for this newsletter.

Remember please surf safely!

Joe and the rest of the Error Out Family

Newsletter February 2016

Well hello everybody! I hope we are have a happy and productive February! We are we have had a great month so far! We attended the Centennial Hills Expo, met lots of great people, he had a raffle for a 128G thumb drive, I will announce the winner later in this newsletter.  Also in February I have my most productive week! We had 17 booked call with 20 slots for normal calls! Boy was I busy! I would like to keep up this pace, but I need to get the Error Out Name out there more. If anyone has any cheap suggestions on how to do that please feel free to give me a ring! It would be greatly appreciated!

Now for the first topic I would like to talk about is:

IRS scams!

It’s that time of year where everyone gets to file and hope that they can get some money back! But there are those whom want to try to take it from us.

Here is a few ways that they can try to con you out of your money:

  • First off the will most likely will be using a Spoofed caller id to make it look that they are calling from the IRS. The will not call you unless they have already sent a letter or 12 to you first.
  • If they say that they will only take payment with a prepaid debit card or wire transfer.
  • If you even try to challenge then they will threaten you with arrest, deportation, or threaten to revoke your driver license!

BE WARNED scanners has conned people out of over 23 Million dollars since 2013!

Here is a link to the IRS scam article

Error Out Will start repairing phones soon!

Robert, my step son is learning how to repair cell phones, cracked screens, part replacement, and all that. So we will be able to offer that soon.  Since he need practice, If anyone has a broken phone that they want to donate for learning I would be grateful. If you want them back fixed, we will only charge parts for now.

So give us a call if you like to try out this service!

About website

It came to my attention about a month ago that both Mcafee, and webroot flagged my domain as malware, nice of them hua!? Well I ended up COMPLETELY removed that files from that domain and started a new website. If you would like to see what I have done so far go to I got webroot to unflag me but Mcafee has refused to as of typing of this newsletter. So if you get a warning that my website is bad please drop me a email, and I’ll get on it.

Thank you!

The Centennial Expo

It was a fun day of meeting new people and networking with other businesses. Here is a few pictures from it.



Now for the winner!!!

Now for the winner of the 128g thumbdrive!

Linda T.

Now for a monthly special

Since spring is upon us here in Las Vegas…

Spring cleaning special!

Cleanup the garbage, virus scan, blow out the pc, and update check!

Only $50.00!!! (for the first pc, 2 or more only 35 per.)

That’s all for this month!

Be safe!