Newsletter March 2017

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Welcome everyone to what I am hoping to be a happy new year!!!!

The first thing that I want to talk about is that we had a major loss in the Error Out family. My wife, Becca, Passed away from cardiovascular hypertension brought on by a grand mal seizure on October 31, 2016. It was a shock to everyone. I am finally getting able to get going again. She was not only my wife and mother of our kids, but also my business partner. So I have been getting help from friends, and family. But life has to move forward with out without you.
…and so does this newsletter.

Cutting the cable Part 1

If you have never heard of this phrase, it means, No longer getting your TV channels from cable, centurylink, or satellite, and getting your entertainment from other sources on the internet.
I have been toying with it for years, but now I have seen my latest cox bill and I am paying over $180 for 150Mbps internet I am paying $79.00, and for premier tv and 2 boxes, that are OLD, the last software update was in 2011. And I pay $8.50 a month to rent these boxes, because the cable industry will not allow you to bring your own box. I also got a notice that my bill will be going up soon. So I think it’s high time to look in to cutting the cable.
But I had some questions:
1. How will I be able to watch my favorite local network channels, like NBC, ABC, FOX, etc.
2. What about HBO, Cinemax, and the other cable stations that I enjoy?
3. How much will these extra services cost me?
I am going do quick answers to these questions. Once I cut the cord, I will give you my exact findings.

1. How will I be able to watch my favorite local network channels, like NBC, ABC, FOX, etc.

– The only way that I know of so far is to get an HD antenna. I found this one at amazon:
2. What about HBO, Cinemax, and the other cable stations that I enjoy?
– Most cable stations have streaming from either their website, or an app for a streaming box like roku, fire stick, appletv, etc. some of the big ones you will have to pay for. HBO is one of the most expensive at $14.99/mo. On the converse, USA network is free.
3. How much will these extra services cost me?
– There are many different types of streaming services, from all around type like Netflix, and amazon (both also have award winning original content also), then you have hulu which has movies, but their main focus is TV programing. And then you have focused ones, like USA network, HBO, cinemax, starz etc. Consumer Reports has a nice list of streaming service list here: .
This is the first part. The next newsletter I will report what I have done, and how it is working out for my family. I may even have a streaming box solution that Error Out will be selling.
Stay tuned!

When your wireless does not reach

Wireless has gotten a lot better over the years. With the first standard you were lucky if you can get 50 feet away from the access point. With the newer standards it can over 200 ft and still maintain a decent speed. But when there are wall and other electronics in the way, that 200+ feet drops drastically!
Why can’t I get all of my 200+ feet range on my wireless?
Unfortunately, there are walls, and electronic current and objects in the way. I had a client years ago, that lost wireless right past the kitchen, but it use to work. After using a wireless tool I have the brand new stainless steel refrigerator was to blame.
There are a few ways to extend your wireless network. The one I use is called Powerline. The quick way to describe powerline network extensions is that it sends the network signal over the copper powerlines throughout your home. These are great for multilevel home or the long ranch style homes. The only limitation with that is you need to be on the same circuit for it to connect. I have only seen a small handful where it would not connect. And all of them were when an extension was added to the home. But I have also done it where the home extension worked, it all depends on how to electrician did his/her work.
Here is a graphic example on how powerline works.

how powerline works

powerline diagram









For the most part the install of powerline is straight forward. However, you get the rare ones when it is well let’s say more difficult…
So if you are having issues getting wireless throughout your home give us a call and we can make a plan to ensure that your whole home has internet access!

Now for the specials!

$30.00 off Labor for powerline evaluation and install. (Hardware not included.)
$20.00 off Onsite service call (1 hr minimum)
Please state your special at the time of booking the call.

Now for the winner of a 128g thumb drive from the centennial Hills expo!
Mr. T. Holmes!
I will be sending you am email to advise that you won!


Well that is all for this newsletter!

Ya’ll be safe!

Joe & the entire Error Out Family

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