Newsletter November 2016

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Well it’s that time of year where we visit family and eat so much food we want to nap. Then go wait in line for deals!


Now that I am thinking about that. I have a friend that every year they go get the ceap laptop that walmart has on sale for under $300.00. First off… You do not want that laptop! Reason 1: You get a laptop that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. It will be almot too under-powered to run Microsoft Word! Second they will be cheaply made, and will have little to no support. When buying a laptop you want to spend No less than about $500.00. When you do, you will get a decent laptop, hopefully with a decent warranty. Don’t worry if it comes with crapware, that’s what I am here for! J


We got 2 sales going on now we’ll tell you about then later in the newsletter!


In current news: Last Friday was a heck of a day for the internet of things. I know at least 3 clients, and myself could not process any credit cards, so many websites were down, it seems like the internet caught the flu and didn’t want to go work. But in reality it was working very hard! …To protect itself. It was under attack! A hacker group started what is called a DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service). The best analogy I have come up with is: Let’s say you are a pre-school teacher (First I must say I’m sorry!(Becca was one and it drove her crazy)) and you have 20 3 year old children trying to ask for 30 different things at the same time. You can’t respond to all those requests at the same time. That’s in layman’s terms what happened. How did they do it? As far as I read simple was disputed to systems looking for internet devices like DVR’s and other security systems, took over then if they had the default password on them and installed software to attack a domain name server (it’s like the white pages of the internet. As an example, if you type the name server goes google IP address is: that’s where lives) once that name server was under attack it was too busy to fill anyone’s request except the attacking machines.

For more info:

What is a DDoS attack:

What happened during the attack:


Now that the heavy talk is done, some good news! I moved offices, well ok garages. My new one is a touch over 3 feet wider, and I have a real door instead of just a garage door! I painted and even bought new carpet! I will be sending another email in like a week or so because we are going to have an open house for all my clients! This will also be for my clients to network with each other! I will have used computer and laptop for sale, Robert and I will have some training sessions, and nosh! More detials about that in a few weeks!


Tip of the week!

Guest accounts:

So let’s say you allow others to use your personal computer, or have kids, teenagers, or other adults that love downloading crap on your computer. MAKE A GUEST ACCOUNT so they can not screw up your computer!

Windows 7, 8.0 & 8.1:

  1. Tap the WINDOWS KEY/ type guest.
  2. Select turn guest account on and off
  3. Click on the guest account and turn it on.

Just that easy!

Windows 10

Is a little harder, but possible.

  1. Hold down the WINDOWS KEY and TAP ‘X’
  2. Select Command Prompt (admin)
  3. Type: net user Guest /add /active:yes [hit ENTER]
  4. Then type: net user Guest * [hit ENTER TWICE]
  5. The next time you restart the guest account should exist.

After you create a guest account it would be your best bet if you add a password to your account also.


Before I go on, I put up a poll asking what training you would like to see at our office. The link is HERE.


And now for the sales!


Sales #1

“The After School Special”

Get your system cleaning up either remotely or come see our newly remodel office for an afternoon clean up.
Why after school?
Because our tech Robert will be in shop here to help you nearly every afternoon! And of course… at a discount. Both remote and in shop cleaning for $50.00!

BONUS: If you have your cleanup in shop you will get a FREE, Yes! Free, 16g Thumbdrive.

Call today for your appt 702-448-7551

This special is only during Monday- Friday 3pm-6pm (There will be days that he cannot be available.)

Sales #2

Starter Service contracts

I have more robust service contracts with bigger discounts, but this is a starter one to allow you to see the benefits of getting a service contact with Error Out!

Your get:

5 Onsite hours (After hours and Sunday has a .5 surcharge)

1 Remote Session

Webroot AV 1 year 3 User!!!! (New to all of our contracts!)

And 1 Remote maintenance service

Retail price for all would be $582.71

We will discount it by $162.71

For the introductory rate of 420.00 (2.5% surcharge if you pay with a Credit card)

On Jan 1 2017 I will bring the price to $480.00!

So get on-board now!


That is all I have for this newsletter. We got through some difficult tech stuff, you know to get ready for our open house, so get your cards ready for networking! You learned how to hopefully protect your computer from those kids and house guests that love crapping up not their computer. And or course our two sales for you to take advantage of!


Ya’ll be safe!



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