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I am asked what would be the bast way to speed up my old Windows pc, or older mac. Here is a few things that can be done, if your computer will allow it.

1. Add more memory. This will allow you to have more programs running at the same time. (this also includes your Operating system, like Windows, and MacOS) With Windows 7 and higher I will suggest 8Gigs that will allow most of the Operating system run and programs without too much lag. If you have a desktop and you like having at lot of programs running at the same time I suggest 16gigs, that’s what I have on my main pc.

2. If you are running Windows vista, upgrade to Windows 7, but also those windows vista, your computer is over 7 years old! Windows 7 came out July 2009, and the average pc lasts about 4-6 years.

3. If you are on a mac running MacOs 10.7 or newer, I would suggest upgrading to El Capitian free from the app store.

4. Upgrade your tired Hard drive to a SSD. Now an ssd WILL boost your disk access DRASTICALLY!!! It using the same type of memory as your flash drives, but with the fast disk access of a hard drive interface (6Gb/s) On my desktop here I got from the bios screen to ready to go in about 15 seconds! The downside is it cost more per gig than a hard drive, but the prices have been going down. Here is a chart that I found on ssd speeds.

How long does it take?
Everyday type Tasks Hard Drive SSD

Boot your computer 41.22 Sec. 18.87 Sec. 2x faster
Google Chrome 21.22 Sec. 3.25 Sec 7x faster
Microsoft Word 14.25 Sec 1.54 Sec 9x faster
Microsoft Excel 6.75 Sec. 1.00 Sec 7x faster
Copy a 1G file 33.97 Sec. 7.37 Sec 5x faster

Using a HP laptop with a second Gen i7 3.4 GHz w/ 4G memory Windows 8.1 with a Cosair mx200 ssd

So as you can see the speed increase, now mind you that this is a older cpu, using a slower style ssd. I always suggest the Samsung evo or pro 850. they are about 10-15% faster than the one they tested!

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