Don’t be another number to their scam!

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We have been getting a few calls on scam pages in the web browser. Today we will be addressing that and other scams. And even a lawsuit from Washington state!


Computer scams are nothing really new, but their tactics change. Some want your data, but most want what’s in your wallet, bank account, and your retirement fund!


He is a few scams that are being used:


  1. Fake programs / ScareWare:

This is where you are tricked to download a program, update, or auto download by clicking on a poisoned ad.

  • Program: This will be labeled as a free antivirus, system or browser clean up. See my post a few months ago about free is not free.  These tools will either not work at all, or display a bunch of errors, and junk to to be fixed, and when you hot fix they want money. These programs are whats called “ScareWare” they scare you to make you think your computer is going to die if these errors are not fixed. The ones that actually do something in this category will drill their way in your system and by the time you already given your credit card info to will install their friends, and have a nice little party in your computer where there will not be enough computer power to even pen up a webpage, and by the time you do it’s so full of ad’s you can read anything! If you want a good free cleaner get ccleaner. This is the tool I use on almost every computer I repair! It can be found here under CLEANERS.
  • Next are updates: So your browsing along minding your own business…. then you stumble on a page that you need update your java.
    Fake Java update page

    This is a exapmle to a fake Java update webpage

    If you see something like this, first thing is close your browser and run this program. This is from a site called What this will do is update Java, Adobe Flash, Adobe Acrobat reader, and Microsoft Silverlight all without the extra programs. And even better it will ONLY update what is needed. All this in one small package! 🙂 Download this program and save it to your desktop. When you get one of these run THIS, not theirs.

  • Auto Downloaded programs also called “Drive By Downloads”. You can get his scan by typing in the wrong address like insteand of you type you can be sent to a page to can download and install a program siliently and now you can be infected by this crap! To combat this ensure you are using the latest updates to your operating system, browser and anti-virus. The Antivirus part is VERY important. Always ensure you have good protection. I know people that want to protect their computer investment and all their data with a free antivirus and refuse to pay to help keep them safe. Get a full version of an antivirus! Webroot has a sale on their Antivirus Here.

2. The second type of scam are going talk about is the fake tech support:

This come two different ways, but ends up with you on the phone talking to someone trying to get you to open your wallet!

  • The first one will come as a warning on your computer. It will say something like you got a virus, or a fake windows error.

    Another example of a scam

    If you get something like this don’t dial that number call us at Error Out at 702-448-7551. and we can walk you through dealing with it.

  • The second one is someone (usually with a middle eastern access) calling you up and saying that they are from microsoft, google, or a very recognizable company telling you that your computer is infected with a virus, or has errors, and they want to remote in and fix them. Once again DON’T DO IT! Just hang up the phone! once again


    They will bring up info from your computer to try to scare you in to opening up your wallet. I have even had a few clients that had their copy of windows encrypted by these smucks and DEMANDED money to unlock. Once again DO NOT LET THEM IN!!!!!!

This has gotten so bad the state of Washington has brought a lawsuit to iYogi for their business practices!


Also there is a video from channel 13 news about a Las Vegas woman that got scammed and just wants everyone to be warned about it.


Once again as always if you have any questions please feel free to get us a call at 702-448-7551.


Be safe out there on the net!



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