Free stuff is not always free

Free is not always free

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I just got a call from a frantic parent saying that her daughter infected their mac with a virus. After asking what is happening, I have surmised that the browser got hijacked. All this for downloading Kayne West’s new cd that he only made available Tidal where they want a subscription $19.00 a month, but I found you can buy it for 17.99 and up.
So instead for paying the artist for his/her work, she tried to get for free. Well free is not free, now I will be going over to clean up the virus that she got, and still does not have the music.
This does not only apply to music. On the internet you can always find something for “free” but there is almost ALWAYS a price for free! From possibly getting a virus to giving your personal information which they can sell to others, there is always a price!

So how can you cut down the price of free (legally)?

1. Ensure that you have a current and active antivirus, yes even on a Mac! This will help stop most bad programs from coming in to your computer. Error Out uses and recommends Webroot antivirus. If you mention this article I will install in remotely for $60.00, this includes the remote call and the AV itself. If you need multiuser/computer give us a call!

2. Use google chrome (there will be a link to it in the TOOLS section. It is a fast and secure web browser.

3. Once Chrome is installed Install ADBlock (See picture below), this will block about 80% of ads which will help it load faster, and block out ads that may be malicious.

4. If you have kids you may want to consider parental controls. It will block out sites you don’t want them to go to. We recommend K9 Web Protection, also available in our TOOLS area. It is very configurable, and easy to manage.

5. Make a junk email address. When I mean by a junk Email address is, make a new email address you can use to sign up for things that will not affect your main email account. You can create email account in several places, like,,,, Once things about junk addresses, I do advise logging in to it at least 3 to 5 times a year clean it up, and this will also ensure that your account stays active, and keeps junk out of your main account.
So remember sign you ask for something for free on the internet, think about what the cost may be besides you wallet!

Be safe!


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