Keyboard Shortcuts: The fastest way around!

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Being from the DOS days, I avoided using a mouse for years. I got around with keyboard shortcuts. Now-a-days the shortcut keys has become more useful. LIke if you are typing in Word and you want to switch to bold, instead of moving your hands off the keyboard to grab the mouse, you can simply hold the ctrl key and hit b Now everything is in bold! 

I will be linking Microsoft’s website so you can get all of the shortcut keys, but here is a list of some of the ones I use the most!

First thing lets look at a part of your keyboard:

Bottom left of your keyboard

If you look at the bottom row here, starting from the left you have:

CTRL – Control Key

Fn- Usually on laptop to add extra functions that a standard keyboard does not have

WIN – The Windows Key – This adds extra functions that are mainly for Windows.

ALT – Alternative Key


So when I say WIN+D. You HOLD the Windows key then PRESS AND RELEASE the “D” key

So here are a few of my favoriate shortcuts:

Windows (General)

Win+D – Minimizes all windows so you can see the desktop area.

Win+E – Opens Windows Explorer (Shows the file on your computer)

Win+TAB – Switches between programs.

F2 – Rename a file

CTRL+Mouse Scroll Wheel – Increases/Decreases the Webpage, desktop, or document viewing size.

CTRL+C – Copy Selected Text or Object (This also works in Windows Explorer)

CTRL+X – Cut Selected Text or Object (This also works in Windows Explorer)

CTRL+V – Paste Selected Text or Object (This also works in Windows Explorer)

CTRL+Z – Undo the last action

Office Products (Word, Word Perfect, Open Office, etc)

CTRL+B – Change to BOLD.

CTRL+I – Change to Italics.

CTRL+U – Change to Underline.

These are just a few that I use all the time.

Here are the links to Microsoft’s Website for all the shortcuts:



Try them out! I’m sure once you get use to them, you will see that you save time doing your normal everyday tasks!


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